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CodeRiders is in the list of leading Custom Software Development Companies

Our sole concentration, since we began, has been on providing the best software solutions to our clients that will help them go ahead of their competitors and milk in more success. We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals building quality software solutions over the past seven years. We are excited to inform that in a press release about the leading Custom Software Development Companies, TopDevelopers.co has included us in the list as one of the efficient development service providers of September 2020.

Since our inception in 2013, at CodeRiders, we have excelled in providing a wide range of services like web and mobile development, IT outsourcing, business intelligence, big data analytics, e-commerce, along with customized software development. Our approach to the problems faced by our clients begins with a deep market research so that we remain on the same page throughout the development process with the clients. Moreover, we understand the importance of providing maintenance and support so as to give an overhaul experience to our clients. Hence, we never fail to be noted among the leading custom software developers in the market.

Our rapid industry expansion can be analyzed from the fact that we have rendered our services to companies from different backgrounds such as EdTech, FinTech, healthcare, business services, retail, and many more. To have a quick look at the various industry sectors we have worked for, we have prepared blog articles for each of them:

CodeRiders became one of the efficient software development companies in September 2020

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. Our methods ensure that our clients get the maximum return on investment and are a curve ahead of their peers. To understand more about the work that we have done in the past seven years, you can have a look at our portfolio.

We believe in excellence and strive to make the lives of our clients easier in the market scenario. Our wide-range of technological abilities helps us in providing state-of-the-art software solutions according to the business needs and the requirement of the targeted audience.

Who is TopDevelopers.co?

TopDevelopers.co is a widely respected directory and review platform of B2B IT service providers. They take a neutral approach in analyzing the companies. The team of analysts at TopDevelopers.co vets the companies through stringent parameters which ensure that only the most competitive firms, businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs are filtered through their process. This helps the service seekers in getting a ready to use pool of companies from which they can choose the appropriate firm according to their need.


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