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List of the top offshore software development companies by TopDevelopers

CodeRiders is a favorite international software vendor for many highly ranked directories and review platforms in the world. Our software outsourcing team has been recently included among 2021 May's Best Custom Software Development Companies by TopDevelopers.Co. Our hard work, concentration, high-quality service, and satisfied customer reviews paved the way to international recognition and constantly hiring developers from our software development agency. The company is recognized among the best software outsourcing companies in the information technology industry by many other tech directories such as:

● DesignRush – Top Software Development Companies

● GoodFirms – Best Tech Service and Solution Providers

● TechReviewer.co – Top PHP Development Companies

● AppFutura – Top Web Development Companies in Armenia

● EuroAsian Startup Awards – Best Regional Software Development Partner

● TDA (Top Digital Agency) – Top Software Development Agency in November 2019

CodeRiders Success Story

CodeRiders was originally established as a software development school back in 2013. In just a year, the school gave more than 800 alumni becoming one of the most successful and highly rated tech schools in Armenia. Excited by its success the founders decided to give a chance to the talented professionals and established CodeRiders Software Outsourcing Company in 2014 by choosing the 15 best students to become offshore developers. The newly established software development house, fortunately, has become as successful as the school. It quickly found clients and successfully finished both long-term and short-term software outsourcing projects. Ever since we have delivered around 300 completed web and mobile development projects worked with 30+ clients across the world, and have 180K+ users. We work for both small and medium companies, startups, and big enterprises. Our tech stack initially included technologies like PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, SQL, MySQL, Angular, then we expanded up to React, Python, C#, .NET, and hybrid mobile app technologies like Dart, Flutter, Ionic.

At CodeRiders, you will find top-notch and innovative solutions for web development and design, mobile app development, custom software development, software outsourcing, and more. Let us dive into each one a little more in detail. 

Web Development and Design

Over years, web development expanded from developing single-page static websites to dynamic websites and web applications. New programming languages were created for web development and the traditional ones, such as JavaScript, PHP, Java, C#, and Python, underwent significant changes. For more information about this topic, check our software developer Albert Ispiryan’s professional overview as well as our analysis about the upcoming trends in the web development industry.

Besides functioning well, your website should also have an up-to-date and appealing design. Thus, web design services are as crucial as the actual web development itself. Responsive web design services ensure that web pages render well on various devices, from minimum to maximum display sizes. UI (user interface design) and UX (user experience design) services are critical for maximizing the usability and the user experience for software, mobile devices, home appliances, and more.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are used for various industries starting from warehouse management (VMS software) to health-tech and telemedicine, e-commerce, e-learning, logistics, etc. Due to its inflated demand, native app development has gained a competitor, which is hybrid mobile app development. Learn more details about the pros and cons of hybrid and mobile app development services with this article.

CodeRiders is among the top Mobile App Development Companies

Custom Software Development

Although there are various open-source software solutions many companies still prefer having their custom software. Unlike ready-made software, custom software is exclusively made for a specific company, thus it is more secure, flexible, competitive, and reliable. Business owners from various industries usually request the following types of custom software from the vendors.

·         ● Custom ERP software

·         ● Custom Warehouse management system (VMS software)

·         ● Custom E-learning software or Education management software

·         ● Custom Telemedicine or HealthTech software 

·         ● Custom E-commerce software

·         ● Custom EPM and HRM software

·         ● Custom FinTech Software

·         ● Telecommunication custom software  

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Outsourcing and IT Consulting

Outsourcing is very popular among businesses that concentrate on the maximum ROI. Some of the most important benefits of outsourcing include reduced labor costs, faster and better services, time zone advantage, and more. In outsourcing, we usually differentiate between offshoring and nearshoring. Offshore software development means hiring software vendors overseas while nearshoring expects hiring developers from nearby countries. For more information about this topic contact our professionals and book a free consultation

One of the main advantages of CodeRiders is its well-organized expertise that leads to high results. Let us have a quick view of what we offer and how we work.

·         Medium and senior-level software engineers

As mentioned our employees have been working with us since the early years of the company, thus they know all the tactics for effective co-operation within the team. They make sure the code complies with the client’s standards. This is the reason Our CTO usually checks it as well before passing it to the client. This results in the minimum bugs and frees our clients from torturing back and forth chats to find out the possible problems.

·         Excellent communication

Communication is important for partnership success. This is vital and challenging especially for remote partnerships and offshore software development. We offer working via several business management platforms for flexible communication. These platforms include Trello, Jira, Slack, and more. A typical day of our developers starts with a quick call with the clients, where they discuss the completed tasks, problems, and what should be done. We also have project managers and business development specialists at hand who can join the project. Check out this short animation video showing a typical morning with CodeRiders.

CodeRiders web development company with software developers, project managers, and business development team

·         ● Planning and reporting

Another advantage of CodeRiders is its openness to various partnership models. For example, besides a remote team, you can hire individual dedicated software engineers, project managers, business development managers, product managers, etc. 

·        ● Competitive costs

We are based in Armenia and offer services with less exaggerated prices that are competitive with other software development agencies based for example the in USA, Canada, Australia, Northern and Southern Europe, Central Asia.

·        ● Release and support

Besides building the software solution, we also help to determine the proper hosting, licensing, and distribution mechanism for it. Our IT professionals deploy and host your software whether it is an internal, shared, dedicated, or cloud system.

On the other hand, CodeRiders’ large talent pool enables us to hire skilled professionals very quickly from our alumni database.

We also work with the industry-standard outsourcing models such as:

   ✓ Project-based

This model is especially convenient for those who find staff management and price variations a headache. The good news is if you know exactly what you want with a fixed project and delivery deadlines, this model will certainly work for you. In this case, the documentation and final agreement are totally fulfilled and fixed before the project start. The project is divided into several milestones during which we provide ongoing demos, discuss your needs and implement the solutions accordingly. The minimum upfront costs are agreed on beforehand. All you need to do is to file up a short scope of work document explaining your purpose, your needs, and requirements to receive the time, price estimates from your software vendor beforehand. 


Your ultimate guide to easy and simple scope of work (SOW) documentation writing

   ✓ Time and material (T&M)

During the time and material model, you pay for the time and resources involved in the project. This model is used when there is no clear picture of the product, thus it is impossible to divide the software outsourcing process into milestones or stages. As the T&M model is highly negotiable, the payment can be based on hourly, weekly, or monthly ways. This model is ideal if:

o   You don’t have fixed price requirements or defined specifications,

o   You need a flexible team,

o   You change your tasks or may need changes during the software development and implementation process,

o   You want constant and direct control throughout the whole co-operation process with your software vendor,

o   Your project is connected with evolving markets, untested facilities.

The agile model falls into the time and material software development methodology. For example, our co-operation with Dwel private family cloud software for lifestyle management was based on agile methodology.

   ✓ Staff augmentation

The staff augmentation method is known as a flexible outsourcing strategy. This model helps you hire tech talents worldwide and manage your remote team effectively and directly. During the staff augmentation model, the client evaluates the existing staff, selects an offshore software development team or dedicated developers, and states which additional skills are required.

   ✓ Your Custom Model

You are always welcome to mix these models and choose the one that is most suitable for you. After all, the final goal of these remote working strategies is to ensure high-level co-operation. Having satisfied clients in our minds, we are always ready to adjust to the software development engagement model that is convenient for you.

No matter in which stage of the business development lifecycle you are in. We are always happy to give free consultations, identify the issue, give a solution, and start the actual software development and implementation process.

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